Happy new year!!!!

January 1, 2007

Wishing everyone a happy new year!!!!
Hell i missed being in chennai during new year,thanks to my parents i was dragged all the way to trichi to see some goddamn temple(I hate temples being an atheist),why thank you very much……
It’s good to see people taking resolutions left,right and centre…..
Well,I for one have ne’er taken resolutions….
It’s not because i have achieved everything i want in life…….it’s rather because i don’t know where to start….i know one resolution which i am going to take….
I will never resolve to be a better person than i was…..i am not the epitome of virtue.That’s agreed.But i have already gotten rid of habits which don’t make my life any better,for instance i don’t feel the compelling need to tell the truth.I am happy the way i am….
Here is a calvin and hobbes strip which sums up my resolution for this year…..


I have ne’er had a boring and an uneventful year before in my life before and hope this one has the same quality has previous year.
2006 had certainly been fun and enlightning.
And me being a big fan of calvin and hobbes,here is a set of really good new year strips…….



And this one’s one of ma favourites…


And this is the strip sagaro was referring to….


Well,That’s all folks….
have a good year….


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  1. […] Credits: Canadians’ NYRs stats, January list comic, Calvin and Hobbes comic […]

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